A winning paperless strategy for credit unions

Finding ourselves drifting through August here in the States, there’s a definitive undercurrent of planning that happens as we all try to enjoy a little more summer. For parents, it means grabbing the required items for “back to school.” For kids and school-age athletes inspired by the 2016 Olympics, it means enduring rigorous conditioning in immense heat and humidity as they prepare for the start of their seasons.

For many in the workforce, it means taking into account the goals we want to accomplish by the end of the year; reprioritizing, organizing and developing strategies to meet them.

We know that reducing clutter is one of the most effective ways to promote momentum, but often taking the time to recognize where it is most hindering—and addressing it—seems daunting. Especially paperwork. It’s insidious in that it starts out as an integral driver to most operations (from permission slips to transcripts to admittance forms) but once it’s delivered its main offering—the data—paper’s shelf life in an organization can long outlast its usefulness, and actually increase risk in terms of retention requirements.

It gets in the way (literally) of getting important work done. And it increases costs.

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