Winter home safety tips to keep your family safe this season

Pumpkin spice season may be in full swing, but winter is coming! As we head toward colder weather, what can you do to help ensure your home and family are safe and snug when Santa arrives? In this blog post, we’ll give you some winter home safety tips to help keep your family safe this season.

Winterize Your Pipes

When the weather gets below freezing, outside water can freeze and burst exterior pipes—which is a costly repair! Take steps to avoid frozen pipes by disconnecting water hoses and letting exterior faucets drain out completely. If temperatures drop sharply overnight, let a small stream of water trickle out of the exterior faucet to prevent potential pressure buildup that could cause pipes to burst.

Prevent Fire Hazards

A residential fire is a homeowner’s worst nightmare—damage to property is often total, and the safety of loved ones and pets can be in jeopardy. Safety reports that, each year, fires are responsible for over 2,500 deaths and $7 billion in property damage. Here are four tips for reducing fire hazards in your home:


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