Women in leadership

Information and inspiration for female credit union leaders

Last June, a team of CUESers from the editorial, marketing and sales staff got together to plan a new, all-digital publication about and for credit union women leaders. After speaking to several members and other CU experts, we knew there was a need for it in the industry. Advancing Women, offering information and inspiration for current and aspiring female credit union executives and the men who support them, was born.

But little did we know that the publication would become even more relevant in the months to come. As the #metoo movement grew, it became apparent to all (even as most women already knew!) that no industry and job role was immune to harassment and abuse.

Harassment is one of the many struggles women deal with at work—and, sadly, not unheard of in the credit union world–but this publication won’t only be about the struggles that credit union women face. We’ll also tell success stories, share leadership triumphs and profile credit union women.


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