You Get What You Aim For

Prepare to hit a golf ball. Look to the right of the pin.Now hit a picture perfect swing. Where does the ball go? To the right of course.

Now, use your remote control to change channels on your television and point the remote at your noisy pet poodle while telling it to quiet down and see if the channel has changed. Likely not!

In each instance you got what you aimed for. You failed to have a detailed plan in mind and to flawlessly execute that plan. Just as in sports or the simplest of day to day activities, in business, failure to properly plan and execute leads to missed aim and lack of execution.

Often the reason we fail to aim properly is simply a matter of complacency. We feel like we can do things on autopilot.  But it is never that easy. Distractions occur.  We fail to fully focus. We lose sight of what we are trying to achieve and concentrate on an intermediate goal, losing sight of the real goal. When any of these things happens we get what we aimed for…just not what we really wanted to achieve.

The lesson is clear. Have a plan. Have a goal. Take careful aim. Close out all distractions. Focus! Re-aim to assure we are on the actual target. Execute the plan.

Brad Roteman

Brad Roteman

Brad Roteman has served HSFCU since February 2005. He is a former district sales manager with Bankers Systems, Inc., now Walters Klewer Financial Services. Brad has won numerous awards for ... Web: Details