You got that job. Now stay humble!

Maybe you’ve observed this situation. Someone gets promoted to a role they have aspired to attain for years. Almost instantly, their communication takes on a new tone, and maybe arrogance creeps into their behaviors. Several years ago, I read an article about someone who had taken over my previous job. In the article, my successor talked about all the great things they had done but, in that process, represented the work that was done by the team before they took over as failure after failure. Taking pride in what you have done is one thing, but we should never forget that the work that preceded us set the stage for our successes. Everyone succeeding in our job is standing on the shoulders of giants. Being humble is a vital ingredient to being successful.

We know that reaching success in one’s career is an accomplishment that’s often marked by recognition, achievements, and accolades. It’s a moment that signifies the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. However, with success comes the challenge of staying humble, grounded, and true to oneself. In a world where ego and self-importance can easily take center stage, practicing humility at the zenith of your career is not just a virtue – it’s a necessity.

  1. Reflect on your journey – Take a moment to reflect on your career trajectory. Remember when you started your career and success seemed like a distant dream? Reflecting on your journey can remind you of the effort, sacrifices, and collaboration that got you where you are. No one succeeds in a vacuum; we are all a product of our past and others who led, coached and mentored us. This perspective can help you maintain a sense of gratitude and prevent feelings of entitlement.


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