Your credit union’s first impression

by. Larry Meador

It’s no secret that first impressions are critical to building brand loyalty. Studies show that at least 59% of consumers report that a brand becomes a favorite of theirs almost immediately.When evaluating the potential opportunities for first impressions, keep the following three factors in mind.

Brand Image and Quality

The quality of your first impression is the most important. At least 35% of consumers surveyed state this factor as being the most important in choosing brand loyalty.

This goes beyond your brand’s logo and design style. It’s important to take time to evaluate if your organization’s print collateral, promotional items, and other offline materials are sharing a cohesive message about your credit union’s unique experience. You might not have all the bells and whistles of a big bank, but keeping it simple can be the advantage you need.

Digital Presence

Your digital first impression is under more scrutiny more than ever before among consumers. Not only should it coincide with the offline efforts, but it should also function properly.

More than 33% of users interact with brands through their websites.

The consumer is looking to trust your credit union with one of their most important assets. How can they rely on you to take care of their financial needs, when they can’t even trust the functionality of your website?

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