Your credit union’s virtual agent is here, a look at the future of member service with IntelliResponse’s David Lloyd

If your credit union is looking to reduce member-inquiry phone calls and emails, then IntelliResponse’s virtual agent technology may be the answer to empower your members to help themselves. We invited the company’s CEO, David Lloyd, to join us and discuss this future glimpse of member services. (BTW: It’s here.)

Already entrenched in the financial services industry, credit unions included, David explains the many uses of IntelliResponse’s virtual agent — which ultimately frees your MSRs to converse with members on deeper financial needs, while the virtual agent manages the other more common transactional items. In addition, it can even provide members with cross-sell opportunities, as well. Oh, and it’s mobile, too.

This technology is simply fascinating, and, again, it’s a glimpse of what’s to come in the near future in regards to providing your members with more efficient and informative services. Check out our chat with David to get the details and let us know what you think.


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