Zero Trust: A model for multi-layered cybersecurity

’m sure you have moved to a new town or started a new job at one time or another. At first, you might not have trusted everyone with open arms. Maybe you had to develop trust with people, stores or restaurants in the area, and eventually, you built relationships based on that trust.

The same goes for business. We trust our partner connections, as long as they continue to earn it by exemplifying reliability and security with every connection. Taking a continuous approach to inspecting your connections to ensure they are maintaining trust, regardless of the vendor, is the foundation of the Zero Trust information security model.

How Does Zero Trust Benefit Credit Union Security?

Government agencies and regulators are now weaving the Zero Trust information security model into their requirements. So, how does this model support credit union information security efforts? Zero Trust combines security and system management strategy. The premise is that with threats existing both inside and outside network walls, the Zero Trust model does not allow implicit trust in any one connection. Instead, it requires continuous verification in real time.


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