Zillennials: The Millennial & Gen Z mash-up with unique financial needs

The micro-generation of Zillennials is distinct in their financial needs, despite being a mash-up of Millennials and Generation Z. They prioritize savings and crave guidance in managing their finances, building credit and handling debt. They’re also comfortable seeking such guidance from artificial intelligence technology like ChatGPT and social media. A study from Logica Research offers banks and credit unions insight on how to engage Zillennials as both customers and employees.

The use of the term “Zillennial” has been gaining momentum as a relatively new generational identifier. Zillennials are considered a micro-demographic group that straddles Millennials and Generation Z, pulling from both of those groups.

Zillennials are those born approximately between the early 1990s (younger Millennials) and the early 2000s (older Gen Zers), a cohort that sociologists estimate at about 30 million people. The label, a combination of “Millennials” and “Gen Z,” came about because of the shared traits and unique experiences that span these two generations.

Marketers in general are eager to understand this group better, especially given that more than half of Zillennials are working full time (a PYMNTS.com study puts the figure at 54%).

For Logica’s study on the future of money, we surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults in April 2023. We augmented this with 200 older Gen Zers ages 16 through 25, most of whom fit into the Zillennial segment.


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