3 reasons to take a mental health day

When summer rolls around, you’re probably subconsciously counting down the days until you go on vacation. While vacations are awesome, your body needs a mental health day or two throughout the year. If you’re having trouble performing your best, you may be overdue to give you brain a break. Here are some signs you need to take a day to recharge your mind…

Your stress level is high: Sure, we all get stressed from time to time. If your stress level isn’t matching up with the things that are stressing you out, you might be holding on to some stress that you should have let go of by now. If this is the case, you probably need a break.

You can’t seem to communicate: Maybe you’re losing your train of thought. You start talking and end up somewhere else. Unless you’re in a political debate, this isn’t normal. If your brain feels cloudy, you probably need rest. Take this as a sign that it’s time to put a little relaxation on your schedule.

Weekends aren’t enough: When things are going well, weekends are a great time to recharge and get ready for Monday. You may get to the point where two days aren’t getting the job done. When you find yourself in this situation, take a Monday off to completely shut your mind down. You’ll have a 3-day weekend to look forward to, followed by a 4-day work week. This will be good for your brain and your stress level.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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