7 tips to save on household costs

Whether you started saving early or are just starting out, there are way to cut back on spending. Some of the easiest ways start right at home. Here are seven easy things you can do to cut costs and even earn some cash back right at home:

1. Renting that extra space

If you have an extra room or space in your garage, basement even backyard, someone out there is willing to pay to utilize it. Renting out the space for living or storage can yield you a pretty penny for something you weren’t using anyway.

2. Have a yard sale

We all have some things laying around the house that we don’t need. Kids grow out of clothes and toys. Those old electronics are still sitting around. And that old end table just doesn’t quite fit in the room anymore. All of these things are just waiting to be money in your pocket.


3. Repair drips

The United States Geological Survey says that a faucet that has one drip a second will add up to nearly 6,500 gallons of water a year. No matter where you live it is cheaper to repair that drip.

4. Save on printer ink

Anyone who has ever bought printer ink knows that by volume it is more valuable than most precious metals. While printing isn’t as common a need as it once was, you may need to from time to time. Try printing documents at work or the local office supply store if you can.

5. Save on a flush

Depending on where you live, water bills can get expensive very fast and without warning. Toilets have a large tank capacity that is rarely needed. Try filling a two-liter bottle with water and dropping it in the tank. Each flush will save money on your water bill.


6. DIY

Need something done? Unless it is a serious repair or service, chances are that you can do most things on your own. With a quick Google search you can find guides on how to do nearly anything.

7. Improve freezer efficiency

Keep your freezer as full as possible! A packed freezer is more energy efficient and can freeze anything else you put in it faster. If you don’t need the space for food, fill it up with ice. Just keep the sides clear for air flow and you will start saving money right away.

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