Are you Guilty of the Lamest Credit Union Executive Excuse Ever?

James Robert Lay, Grower of Relationships, PTP NEW MEDIA & CU*SWAGby: James Robert Lay, Grower of Relationships, PTP NEW MEDIA & CU*SWAG

As an American society, we traditionally like to root for the underdog. We like seeing those who are small, undersized or outmatched come from behind and win.

This is true in sports where there are many great stories of those who are small, undersized or outmatched overcome adversity, challenges and criticisms to go on to win big.

Think of the story of Rudy, the walk on football player at Notre Dame. What about the story of the undersized basketball team from Hickory, Indiana, who went on to win the state championship captured in the movie, Hoosiers?

Or how about the amazing adventures of the Cinderella stories born every year out of the NCAA basketball tournament who fight for their one shining moment?

Even the story of the Karate Kid plays on the underdog winning it all archetype when Daniel-son wins the “All Valley Karate Tournament” against Johnny by using the “Crane” kick.

The point is these small, undersized or outmatched players, teams or individuals capture the hearts and minds of people (hence the reason I linked to videos for you to watch, enjoy and experience or recall the emotion yourself).

There are also many stories in business of both individuals and companies who have struggled, failed or been rejected during some point of their journey. They don’t quit or complain, but keep pushing because they blindly believe in their purpose or mission while being fueled by their passion to end up succeeding or winning in the end.

Just look at small businesses in general who are also known as the backbone of America.  According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), small business “represents 99.7% of all employer firms” and “employ half of all private sector employees.”  The SBA also states that small business “generated 65% of net new jobs over the past 17 years.”

Numbers like these are not small.  They are huge! Small business IS doing BIG things in America.

Maybe you don’t work at a small business, but a small credit union.

Being a small credit union is not a weakness. It could actually be a competitive advantage. You CAN do BIG things as a small credit union. There are many examples of small credit unions doing big things, winning and succeeding in their communities; too many to list in this short article.

Being small is not a weakness. Being small minded is.

Please don’t be guilty of saying, “We can’t do <insert strategic objective here> because we’re a small credit union.” Bull shit.

This is the lamest credit union executive excuse I have ever heard and can trickle down to infect all levels of your credit union while poisoning the hearts as well as minds of others. The trouble is, I am hearing it more and more. Why? An attitude and mental state like this is a path towards complacency, failure and defeat.  Be big, be bold and destroy the box!

Are you or someone you know guilty of using the lamest credit union executive excuse ever? Shout out and share your thoughts, comments and ideas below.

In February of 2002, during his sophomore year at San Jacinto College, James Robert founded PTP NEW MEDIA from his bedroom. Since then, PTP NEW MEDIA has helped credit unions build relationships with members with the help of offline, online, internal and external marketing channels.  Their work has won many state and national marketing awards. He is also behind the movement to help make credit unions fashionably cool with CU*SWAG and was named the first “CU Times Trailblazer 40 Below” of 2012.  James Robert completed his MBA in 2006 and has enjoyed speaking at many different credit union conferences and events.

James Robert Lay

James Robert Lay

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