The latest from Wendy Moody

- by Derik Krauss, BloomCU

Why educating is better than promoting

Everyone is seeking for something; and for most people, that “something” is happiness. We all strive for things we believe will make us happy. For instance, I believe that being ...

- by On The Mark Strategies

Don’t let research become procrastination

Member or customer surveys. Net promoter scores. Mystery shops. Focus groups. Marketing customer information files (MCIF). Web analytics. When it comes to gathering research there is certainly no shortage of ...

- by Marne Franklin , Your Marketing Co.

Meet the six-year-old YouTube millionaire

Did you see the headline? Six-Year-Old Earns $11 Million on YouTube in 2017 WHAT? HOW? Those were the first two questions that the majority of people who saw it asked. ...