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More consumers read email on the move

Posted by TMG on April 18, 2014

by. Georgann Smith When formulating an email marketing strategy, keep this in mind: Desktops and laptops are taking a backseat to mobile devices as consumers’ preferred method for checking email. In fact, according to email marketing firm Movable Ink’s U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report: Q4 2013 only 35 percent of emails were opened on desktop PCs, down from 39 percent in just the previous quarter. Smartphones accounted for 48 percent of email opens and tablets accounted for 17 percent. For marketing emails, the [...]

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2.6M cards compromised, Michaels says

Posted by Credit Union Times on April 18, 2014

by. David Morrison The crafts retail chain Michaels Stores on Friday revealed the details of an eight month data security breach that compromised data at its stores and those of a subsidiary retail chain. The company initially acknowledged the breach in January, but did not reveal any details at that time. This is the second breach for the chain, the first having occurred in 2011.

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The real reason why financial services ads show more women

Posted by Snarketing 2.0 on April 18, 2014

by. Ron Shevlin A recent Harvard Business Review blog post titled Why the Financial Services Industry Is Showing More Women in Its Ads contained the following: “Financial institutions portray women today as competent and self-confident, and often feature attractive, middle-aged advisors talking to couples in which the woman is similarly well dressed and clearly attentive. It makes sense for advertisers to present women as strong, well-educated consumers. This is appealing to women who see an attractive self-image reflected back at them, and to men, who [...]

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Michaels stores says up to 3 million cards affected in data breach

Posted by NBC News on April 18, 2014

Michaels Stores Inc. said Thursday that about 2.6 million customer credit and debit cards [...]

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Is security in the palm of our hands?

Posted by State of Mind on April 18, 2014

by. Henry Meier Yesterday, the Today Show, which every morning fools millions of sleep-deprived Americans that they are being informed, aired a report on how a Swedish college student is marketing technology that allows people to make purchases using the palm of their hand. When making purchases at 15 stores in and around the student’s campus, customers don’t have to pull out plastic. Instead they simply type in four digits of their phone number and place a palm on the register to complete [...]

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Habits of a top 200 originator – Part 1

Posted April 18, 2014

Recently I wrote about the Top 200 originations of 2013. Besides doing a lot of loans these folks have common [...]

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Why we innovate

Posted April 18, 2014

by. JP Nichols To many people working in financial services today, the word “innovation” actually sounds a lot like “risk”— [...]

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Study: 60% of smartphone users consider dropping bank that doesn’t offer mobile

Posted April 18, 2014

by. Gina Ragusa No longer is mobile banking a fun parlor trick offered by the big banks, in fact AlixPartners [...]

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CUNA, NAFCU jointly repeat urging for RBC comment extension

Posted April 18, 2014

Joining forces, the Credit Union National Association and National Association of Federal Credit Unions Thursday urged a 90-day extension for [...]

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