The CUInsight Experience podcast: John Hope Bryant – Financial dignity (#189)

“It takes five percent of people to make a difference.” - John Hope Bryant

Thank you for tuning in to episode 189 of The CUInsight Experience podcast with your host, Randy Smith, co-founder of This episode is brought to you by Motivosity.  Motivosity is all about building amazing company cultures that help people be happier at work. Through building recognition, connection, and community within the credit union, Motivosity makes your employees more engaged, and in turn, your members are too. 

My guest on today’s show is John Hope Bryant; Founder, Chairman, & CEO of Operation HOPE. He acted as the Vice Chairman of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy and he’s the author of a best-selling book, Financial Literacy for All. John shares life experiences that drove him to a career in promoting financial literacy. Operation HOPE is the largest financial literacy coaching organization in America. 

During our conversation, John talks about the importance of financial literacy and ways to improve financial dignity in our communities and nationwide. He shares ways credit union leaders can become better equipped to empower employees and educate members in becoming financially healthy. Operation HOPE strives to find new and innovative ways to promote financial literacy for all and advance economic opportunity by providing people with the tools needed to reach their goals. Listen as John talks about making financial literacy a non-negotiable priority.

As we wrap up the episode, John talks about remembering the best advice he’s received, listening to Quincy Jones, and loving the work he does. Enjoy my conversation with John Hope Bryant!

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In This Episode:
[01:19] – John Hope Bryant talks about being raised by a working class, entrepreneurial family. PART 1
[04:04] – John Hope Bryant talks about being raised by a working class, entrepreneurial family. PART 2
[06:44] – This class during John’s school days changed his view on finances.
[09:31] – John shares how he started a local candy shop when he was younger.
[12:33] – A few states are making financial literacy a class requirement in schools.
[15:09] – Bringing finances to life with financial literacy. 
[17:07] – Empower the community to learn and teach financial literacy, along with reflecting on the results.
[19:54] – What hurdles come with supporting financial literacy?
[23:00] – What are attributes of leadership in John’s eyes?
[25:56] – “We’re onbroad.” PART 1
[28:52] – “We’re onbroad.” PART 2
[31:15] – John offers big-picture lessons on financial literacy.
[32:59] – John talks about how corporations and organizations are always evolving.
[34:53] – “Miss quick.”
[37:24] – What’s the best advice John remembers?
[40:26] – Which books does John recommend?
[42:27] – “Love is work.”
[45:28] – Thank you John, and thank you for listening!

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