Complimentary webinar: Why financial institutions must reacquire consumers through digital engagement

Velocity Solutions recently commissioned a research report from Cornerstone Advisors: The Reacquisition Imperative: Why Financial Institutions Must Reacquire Customers Through Digital Engagement. This 35-page report, based on survey data from 3,004 U.S. consumers, revealed that most financial institutions fail to consider the critical role that consumer engagement plays in profitable relationships. The survey data shows that consumer engagement is a strong predictor of—and driver of—relationship strength. However, most financial institutions simply do not see strong levels of engagement from their account holders.

A live webinar presenting an executive summary of the findings will be hosted by Velocity Solutions on October 14, 2020. The webinar will be presented by the author of the white paper, Ron Shevlin, Director of Research for Cornerstone Advisors, and Steve Swanston, EVP of Velocity Solutions.

Some of the highlights that will be covered in the live webinar include:

  • What’s prompting consumers to open new checking accounts?
  • What are the preferred channels to open a new account?
  • What do consumers like/dislike about the account opening experience?
  • Are financial institutions taking the opportunity to get to know their new account holders during the account opening experience?
  • Are your peer financial institutions effectively onboarding account holders with targeted communications? Where are they succeeding – or failing?
  • What would motivate consumers to transact more frequently with their debit card?
  • What does “engagement” mean? How would you define it? Do you know how to measure it?
  • How does engagement level relate to a consumer’s use of various products and services?

Velocity Solutions is offering this webinar at no charge to the credit union industry. Click here to register.