Five ways Visa can help you transform your business with data-driven decisions

As shoppers increasingly click, and tap to make card purchases, they’re feeding an ever-growing mass of data. It’s data that could benefit your business — if only you could access it and make sense of it.

And that’s where Visa Analytics Platform comes in. From executives to managers to analysts, our web-based analytics solution helps people at every level of your organization make the most of payments data, with information and insights that save time and enable informed business decisions.

Think of the Visa Analytics Platform as the ultimate super tool for businesses, helping organizations make strides in a range of critical areas, from finance to operations and portfolio management to marketing. Here’s a quick sampling of what this powerful platform can do:

1. Reduce fraud. With easy-to-use dashboards and pre-built visuals, this platform makes it easier to review fraud volume, see what’s driving fraud, and minimize fraud-related losses.

  • Monitor market segments, merchants, geography, channels, and payment methods and spot potential for high-risk.
  • Keep better track of fraudulent cards, cardholders, and transactions.
  • Identify the most prevalent types of fraud more quickly and easily.
  • Benchmark fraud rates against those of your peers.
  • Analyze fraud rates for 3DS versus non-authenticated transactions.
  • Gain insights that can help you minimize fraud down the road.

2. Improve portfolio management. Visa’s user-friendly analytic tools make identifying revenue drivers easier than ever, helping you drive growth.

  • Monitor portfolio and performance.
  • See how spend behaviors evolve with data on how cardholders are paying across market segments, merchants, channels, and geography.
  • Monitor interchange amount and performance faster and with more ease.
  • Use peer benchmarking insights to inform strategies for growth.

3. Get to know your cardholders. Increasing card use and loyalty starts with a better understanding of cardholder behavior.

  • Boost early card activation and retention.
  • Track cardholder spending patterns across market segments, merchants, and geography.
  • Analyze spend behavior throughout both digital and brick-and-mortar channels.
  • Inform outreach and engagement campaigns.
  • See how campaigns impact cardholder spend.

4. Manage downside risk. Data and insights are key to lowering costs and delivering the very best customer experience possible.

  • Increase understanding of approval rates and performance compared to peers.
  • Identify reason codes for declines and disputes.
  • Analyze dispute rates by market segment and reason code.

5. Get a better view of merchant performance. Tracking performance metrics over time can help you develop strategies to boost customer engagement and drive spend.

  • Identify merchants that are driving spend and those that are trending downwards.
  • Improve tracking of spend behavior by market segment, channels, and payment methods.

A tool for all

Analytics are inherently complex. But the Visa Analytics Platform provides easy access to the data you need — and helps the people in your organization understand it, no matter what their  skill level. Plus, get flexibility to accommodate a range of needs, from a broad view of business performance for leadership or an analyst’s deep dive into granular datasets.

Ready to learn more about Visa Analytics Platform? Watch a demo, download helpful materials, and see all this system can do for your business on our website.