Onsite at PSCU #MForum18: Nick Saban on discipline and choices

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been part of a national championship winning football team. While we may never have great success on the football field, we can still be a part of a successful team.

What does it take to win? What do you have to do to accomplish the goal that you have?

“The most important thing in establishing a winning environment and a winning culture is the mindset of the people in your organization.”

That was the message that Alabama coach Nick Saban delivered on Wednesday at PSCU’s Member Forum.

“What kind of vision do you have? What are your goals and aspirations? What do you have to do to accomplish your goals? You have to have the discipline to execute every day. This is where most people struggle.”

Coach Saban defines discipline as making the right choices every day.

“Here’s something I know I’m supposed to do that I really don’t want to do. Can I make myself do it? Over here is something that I know I’m not supposed to do but I want to do. Can I keep myself from it? The bridge that we all have to cross is feeling vs. choice. You’re going to do what you feel like doing.”

We all have justifications for not doing the things that need to be done.

According to Coach Saban, “if you can focus on your vision, you’ll be able to make the right choices to continue through the process to accomplish your goals.”

Keeping our eyes on our goals and our vision is key to our success.


John Pettit

John Pettit

John Pettit is the Managing Editor for CUInsight.com. Web: www.cuinsight.com Details