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Coviance allows community lenders to harness the power of fintech

In an era of consolidation among major financial institutions, credit unions and community lenders continue to provide their customers with the high-quality personalized service that can only be offered by local businesses. But a longstanding [...]

- by Ken Dickerson, Coviance

Sales equals service: 3 steps to better selling

Sales can be a scary word. No one wants to be “sold.” If you're selling, you're not serving. It doesn’t suggest active listening or problem-solving. In the stereotypical sense, the term sales tends to [...]

- by Martina Schubert, Coviance

Tech-powered employee appreciation

As headlines ask,  Where have all the workers gone? financial institutions (FIs) find themselves in the battle to attract and retain employees who have changing attitudes about work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, [...]

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