ATMIA publishes discussion paper for implementing Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Foreign Exchange (FX) dispensing at ATMs.

SIOUX FALLS, SD (May 27, 2014) — ATMIA has today published a new Discussion Paper for Implementing Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Foreign Exchange (FX) dispensing at ATMs.

“Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Foreign Currency (FX) dispensing are revenue opportunities for ATM operators and are services which can be added quite easily,” commented Mike Lee, CEO. “They provide added functionality which consumers can enjoy.”

ATMIA’s new discussion paper explains DCC as it is experienced by the cardholder at the ATM, vital aspects for acquirers, the financial benefits of this value-added ATM service, the process of implementation, card brand costs as well as a section on foreign cash withdrawals at ATMs. It highlights the benefits of DCC and FX dispensing, enabling ATM network owners to extend services and functionality while providing, at the same time,

“I’d like to thank technical editor and ATMIA-endorsed consultant Véronique Delsalle and her team of contributors and analysts, including Eric De Putter of Payment Redesign, Andrew Martin of Retail Banking Consulting Group and Heiko Zissner of ITecon Financial IT-Service, for this excellent piece of collective and highly topical industry research.”

The paper can be downloaded on the ATMIA website.


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