ATMIA Releases New Best Practice Manual for Deploying ATMs in a Multi-Channel Retail Banking Environment

SIOUX FALLS, SD, January 16, 2013.  ATMIA today announced the publication of a new best practice manual entitled “Best Practice for Developing and Deploying the ATM in a Multi-Channel Retail Banking Delivery System”. The manual addresses the increased focus on better management of retail delivery channels that offer consumers more banking options than ever before.

“This new work, along with recent additions on ATM security and ATM contactless acceptance,” commented David Tente, Executive Director of ATMIA USA, “demonstrates ATMIA’s commitment to providing members with thought leadership and access to the industry’s most relevant and extensive best practice resources.”

The manual presents a global perspective on how financial institutions can leverage their ATM assets in this new era of consumer choice.  ATMIA’s Global Bank Council provided input on these best practices. Until recently, FIs owned or managed all of their retail delivery channels.  With the explosion of mobile and tablet usage, they now face the challenge of managing the delivery of banking services to devices/terminals they do not own – consumer-owned devices (CODs).  In this new environment, ATMs serve as a secure hub that can link and enhance all of those other delivery channels.

“We are seeing once-in-a-decade technology shifts in our industry and the ATM is well-positioned with its global infrastructure to remain a dominant force as it evolves into a payments hub.” notes Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. “These best practices provide thought leadership on how best to manage common customer experiences, messages and branding across both new and established delivery channels.”

An Executive Summary of this best practice is on the ATMIA website and is available for download at The full version of the best practice is available to all active ATMIA members.

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