Auto Loan “Recapture” Program from Lattice Marketing, LLC – free web demo dates

OMAHA, NE (December 2, 2014) — Lattice Marketing, LLC developer of the unique auto loan recapture program Auto Loan Direct!™, announces the dates and times for upcoming free web demos.

The dates and times are:

December 17th @ 10:00am CST
December 17th @ 2:00pm CST

December 18th @ 10:00am CST
December 18th @ 2:00pm CST

Auto Loan Direct!
is a turn-key program that is designed to generate new profitable loan growth and acquire new members, while eliminating all the risk of marketing costs for Community Credit Unions. The unique approach to the auto refinance market has proven to be effective, generating millions of dollars in new assets. Ideal partners are Credit Unions with a Community Charter and/or a Charitable Contribution designation.

For more information and to sign up for a free web demo, visit For related press info contact Marc Paine at

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