BIG webinar reveals ‘tokenization 101’ with the emergence of Apple Pay and EMV

DENVER, CO (November 7, 2014) — You can’t swing a dented and dusty iPhone 3GS these days without hitting another headline on Apple Pay, as this new payments system has the financial world buzzing like a swarm of angst-filled, bumble bees. Another payments item coming up, for the folks who use plastic, is EMV – although, not as headline grabbing as Apple Pay, it’s pretty important nonetheless. So what do these two technologies have in common? Tokenization.

Plenty of us have heard about tokenization but surprisingly not many of us really know what it means and it benefits to credit unions and their payments infrastructure. Well, Best Innovation Group (BIG) is about to change all that with its upcoming webinar on November 19, 2014, entitled – “Preparing for Apple Pay and EMV: Tokenization 101.”

Join BIG’s President and Founder John Best, along with Crone Consulting’s Richard Crone, for a one-hour overview on understanding tokenization and what it means for your credit union’s future. The webinar will cover:

  • EMV Tokenization
  • HCE versus Secure Element Tokenization
  • Token Service Providers
  • Token Assurance ID&V Methods

“Whether it’s EMV, Apple Pay, or CurrentC, tokenization will play a big part in your credit union’s payment infrastructure,” says BIG’s President and Founder John Best. “I’ve recently discovered that a lot of people are a little fuzzy on tokenization. This webinar has been developed to provide clarity on the timely topic, so financial services professionals can make more educated decisions on their credit union’s payments future.”

About BIG
BIG, founded by former Wescom Credit Union/Wescom Resources Group CTO John Best, is an innovation think tank designed to point its clients in the right direction and achieve quicker adoption of cutting edge technologies. BIG will also leverage the size and scale of its clients to create relationships with entities that would not otherwise want to engage in the credit union market. The firm will provide research and development for its clients in the form of prototypes and written research. BIG will also provide content to credit unions on a subscription basis, providing reviews and research of emerging technology. In addition, BIG will generate avenues to attract top technology talent to credit unions. For more information, visit:

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