Credit Unions In All 50 States Posted Positive ROA

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Through the third quarter of 2012, credit unions in every state posted a positive ROA. This is a strong turnaround from a few years ago when the housing crisis and recession hit credit unions in several states, causing them to post a negative ROA.


“This increased ROA will allow credit unions to continue to build their institutions to serve more members new as well as current better and allow them to give back some of these earnings in the form of patronage dividends later in 2012 and into 2013,” says Jay Johnson, executive vice president of Callahan & Associates.

Callahan’s FirstLook data set represents the most complete set of 3Q 2012 credit union industry data available to the public until the NCUA official release in December. Continue to visit for the most recent analysis of key trends and performance analysis.

Callahan & Associates is a Washington, DC-based firm that delivers in-depth analysis of credit union quarterly performance through its proprietary software and financial publications. As a financial consultant, it also offers strategic planning and investment management for credit unions. Visit to learn more.

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