Go Banking Rates Investigates What 2013 Academy Awards Nominee Daniel Day-Lewis’ Oscars Are Worth

With yesterday’s announcement of the 2013 Academy Awards nominations, including Daniel Day-Lewis’ nom for Best Actor in a Leading Role, premier personal finance website considers the question many Americans may be wondering: how much is an Oscar worth? In their latest investigation, Go Banking Rates explores the monetary and intangible values of an Oscar statue, to expose the true ‘worth’ of an Oscar.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, January 11, 2013 – Yesterday the 2013 Academy Awards nominations were announced and now the candidates all have their eyes on the same golden prize, the Oscar. However, for past winners like Daniel Day-Lewis, who has received five ‘Academy Award for Best Actor’ nominees throughout his career, the Oscar statue is a priceless object that represents a lifetime of investing in their careers. Through their investigation, Go Banking Rates finds that an Oscar is worth more than just the honor and the gilded statue winners take home – these statues offer significant financial values as well.

2013 Academy Awards Nominee Daniel Day-Lewis has already won two Oscars for Best Actor, and is a favorite to win the coveted ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’ title again for his rendition of the title character in the biopic, “Lincoln.” These two Oscar statues that Day-Lewis owns are made of a steel alloy called britannium and dipped in 24k gold plating. Oscar statues were valued at $400 in a February 2011 CBS News article titled, “Oscar-nomics: How Much That Statue Is Really Worth.”

“As gold prices have skyrocketed over the last few years, we forget that those gold-plated Oscar statues are also gaining value,” says Casey Bond, managing editor of Go Banking Rates. Taking into account the rise in gold prices since 2011, Go Banking Rates estimates the current worth of an Oscar statue to be closer to $500.

“Actors may arguably prefer the prestige that accompanies winning an Oscar, but it doesn’t hurt that they make fairly profitable investments right now, too,” says Bond.

In addition to the monetary value of the status itself, the prestige that comes with an Oscar win often delivers a career boost, for which many 2013 Academy Awards nominees may be hoping. Hollywood talent agents and managers project a 20% increase in pay for roles accepted after an Oscar win, according to the previously mention CBS News article.

For the full details on how much an Oscar is worth, view the report here.

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