Measures for Preventing Pickpockets and Identity Theft Also Top Ways to Save Money While Traveling, According to Go Banking Rates Investigation

Data shows that tourists are highly susceptible to numerous financial dangers while traveling, including pickpocketing and identity theft. In their latest investigation, leading personal finance site,, finds that measures for preventing pickpocketing and identity theft, such as only carrying certain items in wallets, are also the best ways to save money while traveling.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, January 16, 2013 – Tourists are victimized by criminals at much higher rates than local residents, according to a recent Wallstreet Journal report, making them more susceptible to financial crimes such a pickpocketing and identity theft. Tourists looking to protect themselves from these dangers need to take action to prevent undue strain by only carrying the most crucial items in their wallets. Personal finance site, Go Banking Rates explains that these precautions not only protect the financial safety of travelers, but are also some of the top ways to save money while away from home.

The threat of increasing pickpocket activity is concerning. For example, according to the UK’s Daily Mail “Invasion of the Pickpockets” report, pickpockets victimized 1,700 people each day during the summer’s London Olympics, an increase of 17% over the last two years.

For travelers, knowing what to carry in their wallets, and what to leave at home, is key to avoiding the headache of losing wallets to pickpockets, and most importantly, avoiding undue risk of identity theft.

In her latest report, Go Banking Rates managing editor, Casey Bond, interviewed multiple travel and finance experts to find out what travelers should carry in their wallets and what they should absolutely leave out. Ms. Bond recommends that while preparing suitcases for upcoming travel, it’s crucial to prepare wallets as well. She advises, “Ask yourself if there’s anything inside your wallet that you would regret having included if it was stolen or misplaced.”  She adds, “Saving money starts with practicing safety, which includes protecting your finances from excessive risk for fraud.”

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