Online Banking Boosted at Meriwest Credit Union

Mobile Bill Pay for Smartphones has gone live 

SAN JOSE, CA – Oct. 18, 2012– Electronic banking continues to improve at Meriwest Credit Union with the recent introduction of Mobile Bill Pay to the suite of mobile banking applications. Weeks of careful testing has resulted in a Mobile Banking Application that will be a user friendly time saver for their membership. Mobile Bill Pay, available for both Android and Apple smartphones, mirrors the payees the member has established in their regular online bill pay and allows members to pay their bills from any place they can get a signal for their phone. Mobile Remote Deposit Capture, which is currently under testing, is expected to be released in the near future.

Mobile users have the ability to schedule payments, view past payments, and cancel payments as required. The Mobile Bill Pay feature accesses payee information and bill pay info in-sync with Meriwest Credit Union’s Online Bill Pay program.

“Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, and we wanted to bring our members the convenience of managing their bills while on the go,” said Meriwest Credit Union President and CEO Christopher Owen. “Our initial expectation was that the bill pay service would appeal to our Gen Y members, but we are seeing strong interest and adoption among Baby Boomers and our older members as well. Mobile financial services have an appeal that crosses a wide range of members.”

“Mobile banking is the wave of the future and, currently, mobile bill payments are gaining considerable traction. As adoption increases, and security tightens up, users will become more comfortable with using their mobile device for all types of financial transactions.” said Tony Cortez, Vice President of Marketing at Meriwest Credit Union. “Meriwest Credit Union will continue to introduce new technologies and conveniences to our members. Our next addition to our Mobile Platform will be Remote Deposit Capture; depositing a check through the camera function of your mobile phone.” 

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