Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® kicks off Los Angeles/Orange County

Launch comes as credit unions celebrate International Credit Union Day

WASHINGTON, DC (October 17, 2019) — Credit Union National Association (CUNA) today announced that the category-level brand campaign, Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union®, is headed to Los Angeles and Orange County, California. The launch comes as credit unions around the world celebrate International Credit Union (ICU) Day.

“What better way to celebrate credit unions today than to continue to share the amazing opportunities credit unions have to offer consumers,” said Chris Lorence, CUNA Chief Credit Union Awareness Officer. “Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® is a powerful and fun campaign that dispels our industry’s myths and shows consumers how we are their best financial partner. We are thrilled to bring this credit union driven campaign to Los Angeles and Orange County, and grateful to the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues for their enormous support in getting the campaign off the ground on the west coast.”

ICU Day celebrates the global credit union movement. Credit union professionals and members celebrate today by being active in their communities through volunteering, fundraising and raising awareness of the movement. Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® is working hard in thirteen other states to share this message through digital-first, strategic marketing. The effort has gained over 655 supporting organizations that have pledged more than $43 million, and it’s currently also live in Arizona, California, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia.

“We’re thrilled to launch Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® in Los Angeles and Orange County,” said Diana Dykstra, President and CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues. “We’ve worked closely with CUNA to fundraise and strategically plan the first launches in California. Today is an exciting day, but it’s just the beginning for us and we’re looking forward to working with CUNA and the rest of our movement to make this campaign successful.”

As of August 31, Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® had gained over 241 million impressions and earned 58 million video views from start to finish. It had reached 8.1 million through programmatic advertising, 6.1 million on social media, and 7.1 million on YouTube.

About CUNA

Credit Union National Association (CUNA) is the only national association that advocates on behalf of all of America’s credit unions, which are owned by 135 million consumer members. CUNA, along with its network of affiliated state credit union leagues, delivers unwavering advocacy, continuous professional growth and operational confidence to protect the best interests of all credit unions. For more information about CUNA, visit To find your nearest credit union, visit

About the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues

The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues are based in Ontario, CA. They are the state trade associations for 299 credit unions headquartered in California and 15 in Nevada (as of second quarter 2019). The California League and Nevada League individually represent the interests of 12.4 million and 364,000 credit union members, respectively, across both states who are member-owners.


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