Partners Renew Commitment to Call Center

Grand Rapids, Michigan – November 1st, 2012 – For several years, Xtend, Inc., the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, has provided call center support for its CUSO partners across the United States in the form of inbound, outbound and online chat services – called Contact Unlimited. The CUSO announced that each of its partners have renewed support agreements for another year and that customer awareness campaigns were already in the launch process.

“We are very excited that we will continue to put our call center resources to work for each of our partners in the network,” said Xtend President Scott Collins.  “My CEO partners at CU*Answers, CU*Northwest, eDOC Innovations and CU*South understand the value proposition of an engaged call center, and with the help of their teams, our Contact Unlimited program has continued to become a more effective part of their marketing and sales machinery.  My team looks forward to eclipsing last year’s success (more than 100 campaigns executed) and I expect to report to my peers at our annual network strategy meeting in May that the 2013 program is our most successful yet.”

The ( network is a consortium of CUSOs that was developed for joint development of technology, shared best practices and shared resources to help their collective credit unions survive and thrive in a fast-changing marketplace.

About Xtend (
Xtend, Inc. is a 100% credit union-owned CUSO formed in 2002 with headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Xtend provides a wide array of managerial, operational, marketing, technical planning and consulting services for credit unions of all sizes.  In short, Xtend is an aggregation point for shared resources that allows credit unions to deliver products and services more cost-effectively.  Their strategic offerings include bookkeeping services, member contact services, back-office mortgage services, partnered liquidity opportunities, shared branching, compliance monitoring, and insurance services.  Xtend provides services for over 150 credit unions and is currently owned by 69 credit union partners.

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