PSB Integrated Marketing Introduces Theme for the Year: “Decompress. Direct. Delegate.”

APRIL 4, 2012, LAKE FOREST, CA. – PSB Integrated Marketing has launched a new creative campaign, succinctly highlighting its mission as a supportive partner. The campaign focuses on PSB’s ability to help clients meet their goals without the corresponding pressures.

“Decompress. Direct. Delegate.” The three words summarizing PSB’s theme reflect its mission of making each client’s job easier.

“The credit union movement is based on the philosophy of people helping people, and that’s what we’re about, too,” said Mark DeBellis, PSB President. “When clients delegate to us, they direct us according to their goals and vision. Then they can relax, while we use our expertise to design a marketing plan that delivers the results they’re looking for.”

To introduce the theme, PSB mailed its clients packages containing insulated logo cups, a brochure outlining the ways PSB can ease clients’ stress, a drink recipe booklet, and an offer to win a free spa gift certificate in the recipe contest. The gifts remind clients that PSB takes care of everything their project requires, leaving them more free time to handle deeper strategic issues.

Carrying the theme forward with an innovative twist, clients were invited to post their favorite non-alcoholic beverage recipes on the PSB website to enter the drawing for the spa gift certificate. Their recipes were then compiled into a new recipe booklet distributed at the March Credit Union National Association Conference in New Orleans.

Find Your Happy Place: Drinks to Decompress With includes 30 pages of refreshing recipes. Since the drinks are non-alcoholic, they’re office-friendly. “Make up a recipe and share with your colleagues,” the booklet suggests. “It’s time to relax, hydrate, and get things done!”

Ingredients such as herbs, citrus wedges, fruit juices and sparkling water meet with the occasional surprise, like jalapeno peppers or gingersnap cookies. PSB employees voted the “Virgin Bocce Ball” their favorite.

In fact, PSB’s new tradeshow booth features candlelight and cucumber-lemon water designed to simulate the spa experience. These sensory delights viscerally convey the message that working with PSB allows clients to delegate and direct, then put their feet up and decompress with a refreshing beverage. The theme will be used in all future corporate outreach.

Find Your Happy Place: Drinks to Decompress With is available free by contacting PSB through its website:

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