Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, and 10 Other Personal Finance Experts Battle for Title of “Most Popular” in Go Banking Rates 12 Days of Finance Poll

Leading personal finance resource has launched their second annual 12 Days of Finance poll to find out who is the most popular personal finance expert of 2012 – and turning to readers to be the judges.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, December 1, 2012 – With the troubles in today’s economy, and the focus on saving money and cutting expenses, popular financial experts are more important to consumers than ever for their advice and guidance on personal money management.

Go Banking Rates is turning to readers to find out who stands out as the best personal finance expert of 2012. Starting December 1, visitors to can vote for their favorite financial gurus and personalities to determine the top choice for 2012. Each day, between December 1st and 12th, Go Banking Rates will publish the biography of an expert featured in a poll, along with the opportunity for fans to vote for their favorite.

Go Banking Rates will give readers a look into these experts’ background, credentials and personal finance philosophy. Voters will have a tough choice, as the ballot includes some of the biggest names in finance: Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, David Bach, Ramit Sethi, Robert Kiyosaki, Clark Howard, J.D. Roth, Jean Chatsky, Philip Taylor, Farnoosh Torabi, Ric Edelman, and Liz Weston.

All of these personal finance experts provide their followers with great tips and ideas, but whose advice is so compelling, so engaging, that they can boast having the largest and most loyal fan base?

Through these 12 Days of Finance, voters will get to know each expert and can vote once a day through the entire month of December for their favorite finance guru of 2012. Go Banking Rates will announce the winner on January 1st, so don’t miss the big announcement!

Last year, the first annual 12 Days of Finance poll resulted in experts accumulating tens of thousands of votes, and an outpouring of support from followers with thousands of comments across Go Banking Rates, Facebook and Twitter. The 2011 winner was Robert Kiyosaki, best known as best-selling author of finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Kiyosaki now provides insights on personal finance and investing as an expert contributor to Go Banking Rates.

Click here to view the poll.

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