The 5 Most Genius Money Saving Tips: New Study from

Leading personal finance website,, investigates ingenious and unique approaches that Americans should implement into their savings account strategy, going beyond the typical age-old tricks commonly advocated by so-called industry leaders. In the study, three professional money experts explain their genius money saving tips to help consumers reach their savings goals.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, January 17, 2013 – Typical money saving tips include “bring a lunch to work from home,” and “dump you r morning latte habit.” However, Go Banking Rates knows that people trying to save more money want strategies that aren’t so obvious, but help build funds consistently. In its latest consumer study, Go Banking Rates offers those seeking a new perspective on keeping savings account funds plentiful in 2013 by offering five genius money saving tips.

The professional money experts cited in the Go Banking Rates study include Christopher V. Kimball, Certified Financial Planner, Ryan Ferrell, Senior Manager of Scientific Communications, and Hank Coleman, financial planner.

Jennifer Calonia, savings expert at Go Banking Rates says, “The report’s findings are especially helpful to those who’ve exhausted the usual list of money saving tips. The recommendations offered by the professionals we interviewed can be enacted right away.”

The five most impactful ways to save money according to the report include the concepts of:

1. Save to Splurge
2. Equate Spending with Fewer Golden Years
3. Make Stand-Alone Purchases
4. Keep the Change
5. Private Matching Donation Fund

Calonia adds, “Not only are these strategies incredibly easy to implement, they are small, impactful moves that help people trying to save more money succeed.  Our five ‘genius money saving tips’ are the new-rule book to save by.”

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