Zero Dark Thirty Release Prompts Go Banking Rates to Release Full Guide to Top Military Banks and Financial Services Available Today

Top personal finance site,, is recognizing the heightened attention to military issues due to tomorrow’s release of Katheryn Bigelow’s film Zero Dark Thirty. Go Banking Rates is bringing focus to the many financial products, services, and institutions that exist specifically to benefit military service members, veterans and their families in their new military banking guide.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, January 10, 2013 – With tomorrow’s release of Katheryn Bigelow’s acclaimed Zero Dark Thirty, Go Banking Rates is taking the opportunity to draw attention to the numerous benefits of military banking opportunities available to veterans and their families.

Hollywood regularly depicts stories of soldiers and wartime, and most notable in these films is the mystifying jargon service members use to communicate with each other. And when it comes to military banking, even seasoned veterans can find it to be confusing. That’s why Go Banking Rates set out to demystify the realm of military banks, credit unions, accounts and services, so members of the military can more easily take advantage of the special financial products created just for them.

Go Banking Rates managing editor, Casey Bond, interviewed several former members of the military to discover the meaning behind the phrase “zero dark thirty” and find out what types of military financial institutions and products these service members find most beneficial in their financial lives.

Ms. Bond then compiled a guide to the top military banks, credit unions, bank accounts, loans, and financial services available today, breaking down the acronyms and complex military language so that anyone – military or civilian – can more easily understand the world of military banking and its unique benefits to service members.

She states, “According to the veterans I spoke with, the phrase ‘zero dark thirty’ is really just a joke, meaning the wee hours of the morning, when you’d rather be sleeping than doing whatever it is you are doing.” Ms. Bond continues, “But that reminds us that there is plenty of military-specific language when it comes to bank accounts and services, too, and consumers shouldn’t be deterred from taking advantage of special military financial services just because they’re not familiar with them.”

Military jargon can be quite perplexing, but the world of military banking doesn’t have to be — veterans and their immediate family members should be incorporating beneficial military banking products into their financial plans, and the guide published by Go Banking Rates is intended to help them do just that.

To see the full Go Banking Rates report, please click here.

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