Simple ways to save this holiday season

If the holiday season has crept up on you, then I bet you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet (I haven’t bought anything, nor even looked). If you’re in need of a few extra bucks this year, here are a few easy ways you can save over the next few weeks…

Switch to cash: We’re living in an Amazon world that makes spending money easier than ever. If you’re not the cash-carrying type, just remember that it feels a lot more personal every time you complete a transaction with cash. It’s enough to make you second guess your spending habits.

Jot everything down: Every time (I mean EVERY TIME) you make a purchase, write it down. By physically writing down every dollar you spend, you’ll quickly realize just how much money you spend on things that don’t really matter. Sometimes when I look at my transaction history it makes me giggle at how dumb some purchases are. Hopefully this can be a wake-up call to help you cut back on your frivolous spending.

Could you be wearing any more clothes?: Getting your power bill down is a great way to save money. I know it’s getting colder, but in some parts of the country, you probably haven’t even turned your heat on yet. If the cold doesn’t bother you too much, grab a blanket and some socks, turn the thermostat down, and make it work. And don’t be afraid to layer up.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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