3 leadership tips for introverts

You may consider yourself either an extrovert or an introvert, but for the majority of us, we lie somewhere in the middle. You may feed off the energy of a party crowd but also feel recharged after spending some time alone. As an ambivert, you probably need both your alone time and time around friends. So even if you’ve always considered yourself an extrovert, you may need to do things differently from time to time. If you know you have an introvert side, here are three tips for embracing those feelings and being a better leader.

Have one-on-one meetings: If you find that it’s easier for you to communicate with your staff in a one-on-one setting, that’s completely okay. Larger group meetings may make you anxious, and you may have staff who feels the same way. When dealing with employees who are also introverted, a one-on-one meeting is probably the best way for you to communicate.

Zip your lips: As a leader, you may feel pressured to talk a lot. As an introvert, you’re probably more comfortable listening. This isn’t a bad thing. In a communication situation, more people could learn to listen and not have to always be the one talking. When you’re doing all the talking, your employees may not have a chance to really get their thoughts out, and that’s not good. Being a listen-first leader is healthy for your staff and will really set you apart from most bosses.

Be honest: Introverts like to do things differently. If you need time to process thoughts and responses, make sure your employees understand the way you operate. They’ll also appreciate a thoughtful response over a hasty reaction.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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