3 tips for improving your professional reputation

No matter if you’re moving up the ladder within your organization or applying for a new position at another company, improving your professional reputation is always a must. How you carry yourself and how you are perceived by others may not get you everything you want in your career, but it will certainly play a huge role in your advancement. Here are three tips to consider for improving your reputation at work.

Be nice…always

Remember that it’s not enough to just be respectful and courteous to your superiors. It is vital that you are pleasant and warm with everyone you encounter while at the office. Whether it’s the mail carrier, the janitorial staff, or the most senior member of your company’s team, treat every person equally and with the utmost respect. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but when you are gracious and kind to everyone you interact with while on the job, it will be noticed and talked about.

Don’t give in to pressure

If others are taking part in office drama or are doing something you know is not right (playing hooky perhaps?), do not give in to the pressure to conform. Even if they are not caught and disciplined for their dubious behavior, there may be individuals at your company that are slyly taking notice of who’s breaking the rules. So, remember even if you have a strong desire to fit it at work, do what you know is right because the time may come for you to be a leader and it’s always important to set a good example.

Be a team player

Even if you are tasked with a responsibility you are not tremendously enthused about, accept it with dignity and complete the task with precision. Tackle each job with enthusiasm and be sure to approach your superiors for responsibilities you haven’t already been asked to do. Managers love when employees are proactive, so step outside the parameters of your job description and further improve your reputation by going above and beyond what is expected.

Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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