3 ways to ensure marketing success in 2021

There’s nothing more painful than failure, especially when it comes to marketing. All of that time and money gone faster than beans through a cowboy. You allocated enough in your marketing budget. You adjusted your strategy. You had some fun ideas, but still, nothing. What went wrong?

Before you stress, here’s some good news. Perhaps you DID have a sufficient budget. Maybe your strategy was spot on. And your “fun” ideas could have been exactly what was needed. There’s a good chance you made one (or more) of the three most common mistakes I see in credit union marketing.

  1. Checking on the “roots.” What in the world does that mean? Who puts a new plant in the dirt and then pulls it up every few days to see how the roots are growing? Not too many people. But I see this happen time and time again with the execution of marketing A great strategy is implemented, but instead of giving it time to show results, the post-mortems begin almost as fast as the campaign was launched. And if results aren’t showing up quickly enough, we start fiddling with the strategy or creative. That’s the same as pulling it up by the roots and replanting it over and over again.


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