4 critical elements to grow your financial institution

A couple of years ago two of our Social Stairway team recently attended Brewing Marketing Success and Sales. There were many amazing speakers and we learned some great tactical tips and strategy ideas.

The first speaker was Bob Ruffolo, CEO of IMPACT Branding & Design. In his presentation Bob shared some critical elements to growth… we adapted his points to our niche, so here’s four keys to Credit Union Growth!

1) Have a Healthy Team

Credit Unions and community banks are all about their community members, but according to Bob Ruffolo, the most critical element of growth is having a healthy team. Your team is ultimately the face of your Credit Union and they are responsible for your member’s satisfaction.

Having an unhealthy team means there are big egos, politics, lack of responsibility and agreement. When people are in an environment like this their attitude toward the company changes. They lose their desire to do good and help others.


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