5 things to keep in mind while marketing to millennials

Be Relevant

Many millennials have never known a world without the internet, and now the internet is their world. Sharing, watching, posting, reading, reviewing. All of those things are happening with or without your branch being a part of it. The only way to join that conversation is to be where it is happening.

Be Authentic

Millennials have been raised in a time where companies have the tools to sell them at any time of the day. The constant onslaught of ads and offers has thickened their skin, trusting friends over big businesses. With the ability to spot a poser from a mile away, marketing initiatives need to be focused on assuming that role of ‘friend.’

Be Consistent

The only way to stay relevant and engage customers is to make sure you keep showing up to the conversation. Being consistent also showcases how accessible your branch is. Trends come and go, you have the power to make sure you aren’t just a fad.

Be Engaging

Just starting a Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media account won’t do you much good if you don’t use it to actually communicate. Again, being present at a conversation is only half the battle. Not being an active voice is like going to a party and standing in the corner by yourself the entire time, awkward for everyone around.

Be Helpful

Millennials support businesses who are dedicated to improving their customers lives with informative content. Step back from trying to push product lists and offers, but develop whitepaper, blogs or how-to information that can convince millennials they need you.