5 ways to save on common household expenses

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to save. Sure, you can take drastic measures like living in a tiny house, but there are far easier ways to save money. Here’s a look at a few ways you can easily save a few bucks on your common household expenses.

Bundle up

We’ve all got internet, and some of you have yet to cut the cord on cable services. If you plan on keeping it around, the least you can do is bundle up your services. If you’re paying two different companies for those services, you’re crazy! Check out allconnect.com and find a bundle package that’s available in your area.

Clip those coupons

This doesn’t sound complicated, and for good reason. Even if your grocery bill is smaller than most, remember that you don’t have to be a family of five to save money at the checkout. Check out the weekly ads at your grocery store and keep those coupons that come with your receipt.

Cancel that gym membership

That gym membership sounded good around New Year’s but now you’re only going a few times a month. You can save that money and buy a bike and some dumbbells, or even just a new pair of running shoes. Only keep that gym membership if you’re truly committed.

Find cheap entertainment

I love movies. For some films, I’m counting down the minutes until the release date and I’m more than likely going to shell out 10-12 bucks to see them on opening night. But those aren’t the only movies I like to see. My local theater has $5 movies on Tuesday nights and another local theater releases movies a few months later at an even cheaper rate. If you don’t have those options where you live, head to the Redbox and make it a double feature for way cheaper.

Make coffee at home

You’ve probably heard this one before. You like your Starbucks coffee and don’t want to settle for making your own. Grab a Keurig, buy some K-Cups, and get over it. That 3-4 dollars per day will really add up. In fact, if you start putting that cash away every day, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see what you’ve got in a year from now. Next year’s summer vacation may be paid for.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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