6 St. Patrick’s Day Costco bargains

The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend roughly $4.4 billion on St. Patrick’s Day this year, on everything from alcohol to green clothes to yummy corned beef. Don’t overspend! Save a pot-of-gold by staying home instead and raising a pint on your patio.

Where else but Costco can you find the best St. Patrick’s Day bargains? Here are just a few.


Roughly 13 million pints of Guinness beer are expected to be consumed around the world on St. Patrick’s Day. Here in the U.S., Costco is the place to go for low prices on Guinness beer. It’s a lucky day for frugal beer drinkers that appreciate more than just Guinness, too. This time of year, Costco stocks its shelves with the “Irish Beer Collection,” which contains six bottles each of three distinct kinds of Irish beer: Guinness Draught, Harp Premium Irish Lager and Smithwick’s Premium Irish Ale.

Irish cream liqueur

Costco also sells Bailey’s Irish Cream, but it also sells its own version, Kirkland Irish Cream Liqueur. Not only is this an amazing value, but many consumer sites rate it better tasting than the name brand.

Corned beef

It’s hard to think of St. Patrick’s Day without corned beef and cabbage, and Costco has you covered with two or three brands, all cheaper than your local grocery store. If corned beef isn’t your thing, you can also purchase brisket or RJ Balson & Son Irish Bangers to mix things up.


Costco buyers know what shoppers want during the month of March, so they fill their shelves with Irish imports this time of year, like delectable Kerrygold cheeses and butter. Kerrygold butters and cheeses are all-natural and made in Ireland from grass-fed cows, and these products would cost you almost double at any other store.

Baked goods

While you’re at it, you can head to the bakery department and load up on Irish soda bread or even a specialty cake with a leprechaun made from cream cheese frosting.

And even pasta

While pasta doesn’t usually come to mind on this Irish-themed day, Nuovo Pasta company produces a special shamrock ravioli for this time of year. The filling contains Irish cheese, and this is a high-quality ravioli for a price that won’t break the bank.

Candice Reed

Candice Reed

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