6 ways financial institutions can keep their marketing mojo

Given the daily challenges of operating in a 'new normal' that keeps changing, bank and credit union marketers may put off planning for the future. The new business pipeline can take a long time to refill, however, so it's imperative to take a longer view now. Here's how to be sure you're ready when demand returns.

With the flurry of activity precipitated by the coronavirus, financial marketers have demands like never before: PPP forgiveness (or a new round of these loans), refis, new loans to fund expansions, customer service needs amid continuing restrictions, and the continually shifting sands that have everyone on their toes.

For most bank and credit union leaders, it’s challenging — but also rewarding.

Helping communities survive challenges, and begin to grow and prosper again is deep within the DNA of banks and credit unions. And they’re glad to be part of these important efforts.

But don’t let this high demand distract you from forward-thinking marketing and business development. You’ve got to continue with your social media, PR and branding efforts so you remain busy in the future. You know the pipeline can be long. It’s important to plan ahead so that when times even out and demand picks up, you’re still the go-to institution in your market.


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