7 things to keep in mind for your next leadership development program

Management ≠ Leadership – In fact leadership is fundamentally different from management. It means both managing tasks, but also know how to behave and engage those around you. The worst mistake that can be made is thinking that a manager is automatically a leader when they have yet to prove as such.

There is no universal program – I catch myself saying, “there is no one size fits all,” on a all to regular basis about a number of different things. Doesn’t matter what it is, you show me a rule, and I will show you an exception. When that exception may be something as valuable as your staff, you can’t afford not to customize your approach because all initiatives that assume the same group of skills or style of leadership are appropriate regardless of strategy, organizational culture, or industry ultimately fails due to a complete lack of context.


A shift in mindset is crucial – Nobody likes training. Even the word seems to have a negative connotation surrounding it. Luckily, this shouldn’t be a training which implies teaching skills not yet known, it is developing upon the existing qualities of leadership everyone naturally has within them.

Have a plan to quantify a good leader – Being a leader is an achievement that everyone should strive for, but unlike gaining a new certification, there is no real definition for successfully become one. You need to establish a way to identify the type of leadership qualities your credit union needs so that you can find who exhibits them and move forward.

Businessman Leading His Team To Success

Move away from goals and objectives – A workday if full task that need to be done. Unfortunately more often then not, management explains what needs to be done, and how to get it done. That does not promote leadership, it advocates a follower mentality. Instead let leaders find their own way by getting them to understand the reason behind why the company does something. Once they understand the purpose, explain the values that need to be upheld while THEY develop a solution.

Anyone can be a leader – Remember that management and leadership are not the same. Leadership means having the ability to persuade and motivate peers without the formal authority of direct line management. Whatever development process that you create should be open to anyone and everyone who wants to become a better leader.

It is worth it – Everyone in the financial industry understands money, what investing and saving can do for someone or a business. Nothing is more exciting than getting a huge ROI, and there is nothing better to invest in than the people around you.