An SEO expert shares best practices, common mistakes and easy wins

Marketers in every industry struggle to keep up with search engine optimization. Jason Hennessey, an SEO consultant who has written several books on how to improve a website's Google rankings, sat down with our team to explain how banks and credit unions can apply his strategies. In this Q&A, he tackles six common questions about SEO, sharing some mistakes to avoid and easy wins. One takeaway: Tools like calculators can help bring in traffic.

Search engine optimization is a moving target. But if marketers — in banking or any other industry — don’t keep up, it’s a major liability.

In early 2023, Google wrapped up its helpful content update, and by midyear, its primary analytics platform, Google Universal Analytics, was replaced by GA4. The snippet features in search results also are becoming more relevant, so consumers can quickly get the answers they need to a question, without actually having to click on the link provided.

All of this introduces big changes for people in marketing, who have to work out the impact on content strategy, social media strategy and website design, among other things.

So we took our questions about best practices to Jason Hennessey, an SEO consultant and author of two books on the topic, “Law Firm SEO” and “Honest SEO.” He shared the mistakes he sees companies making, what content banks and credit unions should create to earn some Google love, and more.


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