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- by Sheila Shaffie, ProcessArc, Inc.

Pre-RPA implementation homework

As it stands today, financial institutions (FI) are in a race to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology in their respective concerns. This is to be applauded as the benefits ...

- by Sheila Shaffie, ProcessArc, Inc.

Key elements of good member experience

Simplicity, Visibility and Empowerment are three of the key elements impacting member experience. Simplicity sits at the core. Your members likely refer to it as “easy to do business with”. ...

- by Sheila Shaffie, ProcessArc, Inc.

Member experience matters

Client experience (CX) matters.  It is a predictor of business growth.  In the financial services industry, healthy member relationships give businesses staying power and renewed marketability. Happy members directly impact ...