Biller solutions: The difference easy bill payments make

As the financial sector continues to evolve, modern fintech solutions, such as Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) systems, have emerged as game-changers. They streamline billing and payment processes, offering significant convenience for consumers and improved efficiency for financial institutions. Amidst a crowded fintech marketplace, the challenge is finding the right partner to navigate this digital transformation. This article will provide insights into all things EBPP.

Understanding EBPP and how it works

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) systems are designed to enable businesses to digitize their invoicing process and electronically collect payments from consumers. At their core, these platforms are designed to simplify the billing process, reduce the potential for errors, and provide consumers with a host of convenient options to settle their accounts.

Functionally, an EBPP system digitizes invoices, issues notifications to consumers via their preferred method, and supports a range of payment methods such as ACH (Automated Clearing House), credit cards, or digital wallets. This means consumers can view and settle their accounts with just a few clicks.


A robust EBPP solution should be able to integrate seamlessly with the existing systems of a business, such as CRM, ERP, and accounting software. This integration allows for efficient data sharing and process synchronization, leading to a more cohesive and streamlined operation. A good EBPP provider will have API-based integration capabilities, allowing credit unions to easily connect their existing systems with the EBPP platform.

The benefits of implementing EBPP

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) solutions provide a multitude of benefits. They enhance the member experience by offering a high degree of flexibility and convenience. They also accelerate the receipt of payments, leading to improved cash flow. Moreover, they streamline operational procedures, thereby reducing operational costs and minimizing errors.

Stuart Bain, Senior Vice President at Alacriti, expounds on these benefits in a recent podcast interview. He elucidates how EBPP systems, also known as “biller direct,” can give members direct access to their current billing information through the biller’s website or phone service. This level of accessibility, combined with the ability to use different payment methods including debit or credit cards, amplifies the flexibility and convenience provided to members. Today, EBPP solutions are far more advanced, accommodating the rising consumer demand for a range of features such as guest web payments, AutoPay, chatbots, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). These features optimize the user experience by adapting to shifting consumer preferences and technological advances.

An optimal EBPP solution should provide an integrated omnichannel experience, catering to the diverse mediums used by modern consumers, including web, mobile, and phone. Moreover, the ability to support real-time or same-day payment posting is vital to meet the consumers’ expectation for immediate payment processing.

The agility and adaptability of an EBPP solution are also significant aspects to consider. While maintaining a standard build, it’s essential to offer the capacity to tailor services to individual billers’ needs, underscoring the importance of a flexible approach over a ‘one size fits all’ methodology. The adaptability of EBPP solutions, therefore, stands as a testament to their potential to revolutionize payment systems, benefiting both billers and consumers.

Considerations for selecting a biller solution

When deciding on a biller solution, it’s imperative to consider several factors. These crucial elements are meant to guide you toward a solution that provides a strategic advantage in your market and caters to the evolving needs of your members.

  • Speed to Market: Quick implementation is essential in today’s fast-paced business environment. A prompt deployment process enables you to be operational within a short period, typically between 30 to 90 days. This expeditious time-to-market can empower credit unions to promptly serve their members and gain a competitive edge.
  • Expertise: The EBPP provider you choose should possess in-depth knowledge of the banking industry’s unique challenges. A partner seasoned in this field can offer invaluable insights and strategic approaches to tackle these obstacles.
  • Innovation: Your provider’s commitment to innovation is indicated by their regular updates and enhancements. You should aim for a vendor that regularly introduces improvements and encourages client input in new functionalities. The latest technologies such as real-time payments and digital wallets, are reshaping the payment landscape. The ideal EBPP solution should integrate convenient payment channels like Pay by Text, intelligent personal assistants, and messaging apps, combining them seamlessly with traditional methods to give a comprehensive view of your entire payment program.
  • Personalization: A customizable interface that caters to specific member needs is vital for member satisfaction. A top-tier EBPP solution should not only be visually appealing but also adjustable in terms of features and functionality. This flexibility allows the solution to be tailored to specific business requirements, enabling a frictionless experience catering to diverse consumer preferences.
  • Security and Compliance: Compliance with regulatory standards and robust data protection measures are indispensable for any EBPP solution. It should provide peace of mind to both businesses and members by ensuring the highest levels of data security and privacy.
  • Member-centric Approach: The provider should have a strong focus on the member experience, offering various payment channels, methods, and options. With bill payments often serving as the most frequent touchpoint between businesses and members, a smooth, hassle-free process irrespective of when or where the member chooses to pay is critical. Timely support and an intuitive, efficient interface can transform the bill payment experience, resulting in increased member satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Open Architecture: Open architecture ensures easy integration with existing banking systems and provides flexibility to accommodate future enhancements or business process changes.
  • Scalability: The EBPP platform should be scalable and proactive in adopting new technologies. Cloud-native platforms offer this scalability and flexibility, ensuring the business is ready for future growth and evolution.
  • Efficiency: An efficient EBPP solution should simplify operations, quicken receivables, and lower call volumes. Comprehensive reporting tools can offer insights into all activities, fostering improved decision-making and strategic planning.

Bill payments form an integral part of the overall member experience. By partnering with an EBPP provider focused on innovation, member experience, and flexibility, you can transform the bill payment process, benefiting both your business and your members. With the shift towards digital transactions and increasing demand for contactless technology, an effective, multi-channel bill payment solution can provide the advantage your credit union needs to stay ahead of the competition.

To learn more about the importance of a modern EBPP solution read: Maximizing Bill Payments with EBPP.

Alacriti’s Orbipay EBPP is a customizable electronic billing and payments solution for businesses and financial institutions of all sizes. Orbipay EBPP offers convenient and flexible choices that include all the payment channels, payment methods, and payment options expected from a modern digital bill pay experience. For more information, please contact us at


Contact the author: Alacriti

Contact the author: Alacriti

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