Compliance expert certification: More than just ‘knowing’

In the credit union world, many individuals understand the rudimentary aspects of compliance. However, being certified in compliance is a different ballgame. Why? Because “knowing” and “certified” are two different realms of understanding.

In a constantly evolving regulatory landscape, seeking out additional resources on regulatory changes becomes essential. This diligence goes beyond just reading the rule and making an internal decision. It involves sourcing for new interpretations of the federal regulations and being able to prove that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure your policies and procedures align with these regulations.

Credit unions function within a web of intricate federal financial regulations. These regulations pertain to various areas, from mortgage lending, consumer lending and deposit accounts, to general operations and NCUA rules and requirements. Every credit union employee – be it a lender, a member service rep or a branch manager – is touched by these regulations in their daily job.

Hence, it’s crucial to not only be conversant with these regulations but also become an authority in them. That’s where the Credit Union Compliance Expert (CUCE) certification at CUNA Regulatory Compliance Certification School (RCS) comes in. With the CUCE certification, you become the authority in your credit union.


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