Conversations will shape the future of banking

Messaging platforms that include voice and text-based interfaces and being increasingly used by digital consumers as their preferred method of engagement, according to a research studyfrom Accenture.  Conversational interfaces already exist. The Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod (as well as other devices) use technologies such as AI, machine learning and natural-language processing (NLP) to enable voice engagement. An increasing nuber of financial organizations are beginning to take notice.

“Why should people learn to use technology interfaces when we can simply make the technology more human?,” asks Fernando Lucini, managing director, Accenture Digital. “A human-first approach would be built around natural conversation: we would do away with the keyboards and touchscreens that currently intermediate our interactions, and instead simply talk to digital technology as we would to a human.”

Conversational technology can use real-time data analysis to create contextual conversations leveraging previous interactions much the way humans do normally. This allows for individualized engagement by a machine using big data stored in the cloud. From providing rudimentary support to advising on more complex matters, conversational AIs will be able to replicate much of what a human customer service agent does … only faster and more accurately.

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