CUNA, leagues urge immediate FCC action on TCPA petition

Nearly three years have passed since CUNA submitted its petition for Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) clarity with no action, CUNA and all 35 state Credit Union Leagues wrote the agency Wednesday. Since then, the organizations note, judicial interpretations surrounding the TCPA have become increasingly more contradictory.

CUNA and leagues have called for clarity from the FCC since its 2015 TCPA ruling, which has led to uncertainty over credit unions being able to contact members with important account information without being exposed to legal action.

CUNA’s petition, submitted in September 2017, asked the FCC to clarify the TCPA applicability to information calls made to a wireless phone by either:

  • Adopting an establishing business relationship (EBR) exemption from the prior consent requirement for credit union informational calls and text messages to cell phones; or alternatively


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