Data-backed insights: 5 core features your members want

For credit unions, one of the most important things to understand is that not all core processors are created equally. If your credit union is in the process of its own digital transformation, it needs to embrace a solution that can act as a rock-solid foundation upon which the future will be built. Your credit union (CU) shouldn’t spend the time, effort, and money to transition to a core processor that will only leave you and your members disappointed in a few short years.

While members may not have as much direct interaction with core systems as your staff does, it is crucial for credit unions to have essential core processor features in order to be competitive and provide a positive member experience.

Effects of core systems on the member experience

While members may not always know the behind-the-scenes of your credit union’s operations, the core processing software still influences their overall experience. With limited exposure, your core processor plays a significant role in shaping their experience with:


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